“A person’s potential is greater than what it IS, and that potential is only unlocked when he or she interacts with another person.”


Tribal Through Technology

Over the years we have delivered unforgettable events, connected amazing people, had some serious fun and most importantly, we have made great impact in bringing knowledge capital, social capital and capital capital. These efforts have supported causes in the areas of environmental conservation and economic empowerment via entrepreneurship aligned with our 501c3 Charter.

Our Mission

Together, we stand by these three values:

Stand for something greater than yourself

Leave people and places better off after interacting

Use your power to empower others

Our iconography also reflects these values and was visually inspired by:

The Freemason’s
architectural symbol

The square, to align our principals; The compasses, for global collaboration.

Leonardo da Vinci’s
Virtuvian Man

Representing the human nature and technical thinking behind our actions.

Combined, these two visionary’s represent our human principals and technical ability to deliver change.