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This year, to celebrate World Ocean Day, and to play our part in fighting for the future of our seas, ACTAI partnered with the mind behind the Twitter Fail Whale and the dumpling emoji! 


That artist, Yiying Lu, created a new set of whale-themed NFTs, celebrating World Ocean Day and the first anniversary of the @whale_community

Generously, Yiying split proceeds from the sales on OpenSea between the Mission Blue charity and ACTAI Global, the funding from which will be reinvested in initiatives aiming to save the world’s oceans.

Earth’s oceans cover over 70% of the planet’s surface. Today, however, they are under threat like never before.

With sea levels rising, pollution increasing, and overfishing bringing once-thriving ecosystems close to collapse, initiatives such as these have never been so important.

A big thank you to everyone who bid in the auction for Yiying’s NFTs! 


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